A mea culpa of sorts 

I went on a Facebook bender this week and it was a doozy.

My husband asked if he needed to take away my phone. It was a completely valid question.

You see, I’m having a moment. A moment where I have this incessant need to spill out my thoughts into writing. 

I probably should have stuck to the blog, but somehow I ended up on Facebook instead. Dumb. I know…it’s the social media gravitational pull. Couldn’t resist.

I get all riled up by politics and most of the time, stew quietly or lash out with a few passive aggressive likes or shares. This week though…I took it to a different level. The crazy long diatribe level.

I won’t go into any detail here, but it boils down to this:

I think maybe we’re in some kind of terrible political rut where we’re so focused on being right, we miss the opportunity to find solutions.

I don’t want to be like that, and yet I admittedly fall into that trap often.

I want to understand more than just my side of an issue. I want soft edges. 

I know I do a terrible job of reaching out, but I’m trying to do better. It’s a slow process. I truly do want to discuss and learn.

I hope the people who know me understand that when I write things, it’s coming from a place of trying to work things out it in my mind.

This week I failed miserably at humility (and brevity).

I’ll keep working on improving.


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