Rule following & such

I’ll preface this post by saying I am almost constantly in a state of flux with my faith/religious beliefs/spirituality/mind, etc. Basically, I’m constantly processing and evolving. I also do not relish the idea of mixing religion and politics, but here we are.

I heard a Democracy Now episode a couple of weeks ago where they had on a sociologist (if I remember correctly) who had spent time with people who are completely opposite of her politically. Anyway, at some point she used an example of people “following the rules” and feeling basically left out because of that in our country as things like affirmative action, etc. came about. I am totally paraphrasing the conversation, and I realize that. However, I started thinking about it again this weekend with regard to Christianity specifically.

This whole Evangelical Christian/must be conservative/must be Republican/must preserve OUR values/etc mindset is throwing me for a loop. No, it has been throwing me for a loop for a long time.

Do people think they have a corner on the faith ‘market’? Do they think they are the only ones with values? Do they feel like they’ve been following the rules (in this case they seem to be holding up the Bible as the sole rule book) and now people are somehow getting ahead of them in line? Do they think God cares about any of this petty political nonsense? 

Am I missing something here? Am I misunderstanding that our focus should be love? Am I wrong for feeling like I don’t know anything? That maybe God is such a supreme being that he can’t be limited by ANY religion or denomination?  That no one person or group of people has all the answers?

AND THEN — if you do feel like you have answers and you do feel like Christianity is the be all, end all and you do feel like you know exactly what our values should be as a country — HOW are you tying that to any ideological standpoint and/or political party? Seriously, how?

My mind has not been able to grasp that or make that jump.

I cannot understand it.

So….there’s a brain dump of a post for you. I’ll probably revisit some or all of it at some point.


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