Thoughts on self care

Julie over at So Canary did a YouTube video about self care vs self indulgence recently and it was one of those things that just hits you right between the eyes. If you have a chance to watch it, please do. She does a great job of describing the difference between care and indulgence, and has solid tips for self care.
Her post got me thinking… lately I’ve been feeling off. I go through these phases where I feel restless and even more introspective than usual. It’s cyclical, and until I watched her video, I couldn’t really explain it.

Now, I can. It’s lack of self care.

I know it’s a phase, or season of life, where my self care routines get left in the dust. I push them aside for whatever reason and pretty soon I’ve got that restless feeling again.

I think I’m probably not the only one that goes through phases like that, although some people may not recognize they are having those types of feelings, because we’re all so damn busy these days. It feels like every second of the day is filled with something and if it’s not an activity, bam – hello, internets. Because of the busy-ness, self care does not get prioritized properly.

We make excuses and tell ourselves it’s selfish or we don’t have time, but that isn’t true. We can make time, and we need to make time.

Self care is vital. 

 Self care vs self indulgence seems to be where a lot of us get tripped up… We think what we’re choosing to spend our time and energy on when we get “me time” is self care, but if we’re completely honest, it’s not. It’s indulgence and because of that it is not going to satisfy us in the long run. Eventually, with a lot of indulgence and little self care, we’ll find ourselves restless or running on empty.

If you don’t come out of what you’re calling self care in a better state of being than when you started the activity, it’s not really self care. It’s a self indulgence, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t vital.  (Seriously, go watch Julie’s YouTube video because she does a great job of explaining all this!)

For myself, I’m hoping to get more of a self care routine going.

I’ve been listening to more podcasts, reading blogs, and reading more in general. Always learning. Written word has always been more impactful for me.

I’m participating in a Bible study which is far out of my comfort zone, but I am already getting so much out of it. 

I’ve been trying to get myself in more of a schedule with regard to how I use my phone/computer (i.e. Only doing screen time at certain times of the day). 

I’ve been looking for ways to use my artistic abilities. 

I am working on cleaning the house with consistency which is a huge struggle for me. I know it’s weird to call that self-care, but I recognize I need my environment to be cleaner than it is, so spending time to make that happen is important. 

I’ve been a lot more vigilant about keeping myself fed and hydrated. 

Luckily, both kids have made it a little easier to be well rested because they both are actually sleeping relatively well through the night (knock on wood). 

I’m always looking for ways to improve. I truly believe that if I am in a better place, my family will be in a better place (followed by my friends, my community, ultimately the world). 

I’ve seen the consequences of consistently putting off self care in people I know, and the outcome is painful in many ways — both physically and mentally.

All that to say, practice self care. Hold yourself to high standards. Take time to recharge, to learn, to seek good. Get proper rest, nutrition, and hydration;) Give yourself room to breathe and soak in the world around you. Take responsibility for your being.

Take care of yourself.


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