Filtering my filter

Y’all. Do you ever find yourself filtering every damn thing that comes out of your mouth?

I mean…a certain amount of that is to be expected (re: civility), but I find myself filtering so much of what I think that I’m not sure anyone (besides the people that live with me) know much about the things I’m interested in…and no, it’s not Paw Patrol.

I’ve constructed this massive wall around me, and I’m kinda feeling done with that. The wall is probably going to exist in some form for the rest of my life (re: I’m not into conflict), but I’m slowly taking down some of the bricks starting with blogging (again).

I haven’t hidden this blog. There’s been a link in my Instagram profile forever, but I haven’t exactly advertised that I have it either. Partially, it’s because I rarely write on here, but I think I’ll start being a tiny more open. Baby steps for this introvert. It may only be a once a week sort of thing, but I really need to make time to write.

Basically, this whole spending my days with a toddler and a baby thing means I’m needing an outlet.

Hello again, blog.


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