On Dropping Facebook


I permanently deleted my Facebook account on the first of November, and in the month since, have only regretted it a teensy tiny bit. I mainly miss seeing family stuff.Other than that…best.decision.ever.

It kinda makes me feel like we’re in our own little uncomplicated bubble because I have no clue what’s happening around town…not necessarily a bad or good thing. I’ve realized how heavily people and businesses rely on Facebook.

Being at home with Little Man had already gotten me out of “the loop”, so this gets me even further out of it. I guess that could be scary, but at this point, it feels great.

Shortly after my last post, I found out I was pregnant. I was excited with a huge helping of NERVOUS. I still find myself anxiously awaiting my doctor appointments each month.

After we found out, I started feeling overwhelmed by all the negativity on Facebook (not specific people I could just block, but as a whole). Then one day while unconsciously checking Facebook at some point during the day, Little Man grabbed my face and said, “Listen me, Mama!”

Done. I was done.

I had tried to be conscious of how much time I spent on my phone during the day, but even the little bit I was using it was too much. Soooo…I cut out the biggest time suck of all and haven’t looked back since.

I still have Instagram because I’ve found it to be loads more positive and it’s something I don’t feel the need to check it 8,236 times a day. I also read blogs & check the news first thing in the morning before Little Man wakes up or during his nap. Other than that, my phone spends most of the time charging somewhere.

Yep. Best.decision.ever.


2 thoughts on “On Dropping Facebook

  1. Congratulations! I just found out that I am pregnant too!

    I like Instagram as well, but I am still on FB. I try not to spend too much time on it, but it does become a time-suck.

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