Entertaining a Two Year Old


I’m currently sitting on the floor at Hastings while Little Man plays with their train table. He has to walk back and forth around three sides of the table because the fourth side is pushed up against the corner walls. He also keeps falling off the platform that the table is sitting on every time he rounds one of the corners. Too immersed in play to realize he needs to watch his step.

It makes no difference to him. He gets back up like he hasn’t fallen several times already and goes back to playing.

Finding activities to do with your two year old is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult task. On the whole, they are easy to please, so it isn’t like you have to spend a ton of money entertaining them. However, they do need a change of scenery, so sitting at the house all day isn’t ideal.

When the weather is nice we can go on walks or head to a playground. Splash pads or swimming pools are a big hit, too.  Some days though you need a good solid indoor, out of the house place to hang out….sooooo it’s off to Barnes and Noble or Hastings for their fabulously distracting train tables.

The Barnes and Noble train table is frequently surrounded by more than one kid which is good, but it gets a little crowded. I’ve never seen other children at the Hastings table, so here we are. 

Is it possible to turn your child into an introvert? I kid, I kid.


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