Life at Home


Most days are pretty chill.

If it is a MWF, I find myself dropping Little Man off at school sometime between 8-9. I usually hang out in his classroom for a little while playing with him and chatting with his teacher. Then I head home and read or clean or paint or do whatever I feel like doing. Luxurious. All that time. I am spoiled. The introvert in me is in hog heaven. So much time for recharging. I have been working out in the afternoon, and then I go to pick up Little Man around 4:45. 

On T/Th we do anything from hang out around the house to go to the splash pad to visit my old workplaces….whatever strikes our fancy.

I try to make time to workout, to write, to paint, to clean…I bake. I cook. I don’t really know where the days go, but they sure do fly by quickly. I’m slowly working out a routine for my days although the past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten off track. 

I’ve done some odd jobs for the hubs to help out his office.

I’ve thought about next steps.

I’ve done a lot of self reflection. Probably too much, but c’est la vie.

Like I said, most days are pretty chill (I say as I sit at a downtown cafe, drinking a latte, listening to Pandora, typing away…)


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