Bullet points are where it’s at…

– I spent the last hour getting Little Man to go to sleep and then waiting for him to be so asleep that I could trim his nails. I was able to get his fingernails and toenails trimmed, so obviously today was a success. Seriously, the biggest accomplishment of my day.

– You don’t remember how drastically your life has altered course after having a child until little moments hit you smack dab in the middle of the forehead (like the one above).

– Cancer is the WORST. Just got a reminder of that today when I saw a friend’s mom who is having a rough time with chemo right now. She is such a sweet woman & it’s hard to see her so sick. I’ve been praying for them every time I think of it throughout the day.

– I am so looking forward to my three day weekend, 2 day work week, and then my four day weekend. It will be some much needed time away from the office. Time to recharge.

– This sweet face makes my heart happy:



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