Making: nothing at the moment, but oh, the plans I have!
Cooking: anything easy, and with lots of veggies
Drinking: water & coffee.
Reading: Awakening Intuition by Frances Vaughn
Wanting: to take a vacation far, far away
Looking: forward to the end of May when I’ve got a couple of days off of work
Playing: Counting Crows, August and Everything After
Wishing: for more time at home (which is kinda funny considering I wrote a few lines above about vacationing…such is life)
Enjoying: watching Little Man play in the yard
Liking: warm weather and sunshine
Wondering: what the next few months will bring for our little family
Loving: the sweet red curls on the back of Little Man’s head
Hoping: that the hubs’ business stuff works out how it is supposed to (How’s that for cryptic?)
Marveling: at how much life has changed over the last few years
Needing: some LED bar lights for the ceiling light in my closet/office
Smelling: the intoxicating scent of Palo Santo in our home
Wearing: anything that makes for easy nursing
Following: lots of new faces on Instagram
Noticing: that negativity abounds if you let it, but the good news is that the same can be said for positivity
Knowing: that I have got to get the thank you notes written for Little Man’s first birthday
Thinking: about all the things I want to do, and how I can fit them all into my life
Feeling: sleepy as we try to transition from bed sharing to a side-car crib situation
Bookmarking: all things food – specifically, real food
Opening: my eyes to soak in the beautiful world
Giggling: at the pups interacting with Little Man
Feeling: like I need to exercise my creative muscles


Saw it here — beautiful blog

Originally here



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