My Doula Oblongata

Sorry for that title. I don’t get out much.

It has been almost a year since I had Little Man. Crazy.

I will say this, the first half of my pregnancy was not my fave — but after I started really researching birth and learning/thinking about all the options out there, I started loving my pregnancy. I also started looking forward to the birthing process (shock!).

I was ready to face labor head on, so when my water broke before contractions even started, I was a little disappointed.

I also ended up going to the hospital a lot sooner than I had planned (0r wanted to) for fear of infection.

I was still able to have a (mostly) natural birth. I did have to do a low dose pitocin drip (ugh) and ended up having an episiotomy (and they had to use the vacuum), but no epidural (yea!) which was one of my big goals.

Anyway, looking back, I wish I would have had a doula there to help me (and the hubs) through the process. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I had spoken with a couple of doulas, but had ultimately decided that we couldn’t afford to hire one at the time. A big part of that decision was that I was able to find a doctor who was very natural birth oriented and also that the hubs is handles medical situations calmly & well.

It all ended well because we (mostly) got the birth experience I was hoping for, but looking back, I know things would have been easier for us with a doula there to help.

Since then, the whole idea of doulas and their role in the birthing process has been on my mind. I have toyed with the idea of becoming a certified doula and am starting to seriously consider it now.

I love the idea of being there to help women and families not only during pregnancy/birth, but postpartum as well. Becoming a mother can be daunting, and it would be an honor to be able to be there to support women during that sacred transition.

We shall see…


These photos were taken after they got my pitocin drip to a level where I was having the real deal contractions.


Still smiling, but you can tell by the vein in my forehead that the contractions were for real!


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