We like books at our house. Scratch that…we LOVE books at our house.

I’m slightly addicted to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books….basically any bookstore. Also, if I could own my own bookstore, I most definitely would.

During high school, I spent my time after school volunteering in the elementary school library. In college, I worked in one of our libraries shelving books.

I am always in the middle of reading at least five books at a time.




Little Man has been loving books lately, too. He flips through his books (and mine) over & over again. He brings them to us for us to read them, and says “boo”. He hasn’t quite figured out the “k” sound yet.

So, when everyone started asking about what they should buy him for his first birthday, books were the first thing that came to mind.

Books, books, books!



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