Random thoughts for a sunny Monday

– The weather is beautiful today. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. You better believe when I get home this afternoon we are heading out the front porch for our afternoon nursing session.

– I have been slowly changing my closet into a closet/office combo. I got a lot done this weekend, and I. Am. Pumped. It’s exciting to think about having my own little space again to work on projects, read, daydream, etc.

– I had a chance to see some people that I haven’t seen in a long time this weekend. It was great…and somewhat painful all at the same time. You ever realize things have changed, but you don’t feel like they have changed, but other people clearly feel like they have changed — and the only way you know they feel like that is by the look in their eyes? In other news, I’m a mom. It is apparently plastered on my forehead rendering attempts at normal human conversation useless. More on that sometime this week once I get my thoughts sorted out…

– Some of the people I saw this weekend were a group of girl friends that I haven’t been able to seen in a few months. It was great to see them again. We had a great lunch & good, deep conversation. It was good for this mama’s heart to have that time. Little Man spent a few hours with the Mister, and they had a blast, too.

– Can we all take a moment to appreciate the magnitude of this cuteness?



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