Friday should be a good day


Friday morning smiles

Okay, so I should be having a happy Friday. I’m trying to have a happy Friday, but at the moment I am so nervous, I feel like I’m going to puke.

TMI about to happen! Abort! Abort!

I have what I hope is a granuloma on my episiotomy scar again. FML. I’ve written about it before on another blog I had going for a short time. The back story is here (and birth story which led to the granulated tissue is here and here and here).

Back to the granuloma… basically my body’s healing process went into overdrive at the episiotomy scar site & now there are way to many cells there (which form a kind of cyst-type thing — aka the granuloma).

Anyway, I had it treated last fall and was hoping that it wouldn’t come back, but last night I discovered it did.


Now, I have to go to the doctor to make sure that is granulated tissue again (please Lord let it not be anything worse) and either get it treated with silver nitrate again OR figure out a treatment plan.

It makes my stomach hurt thinking about it.

Don’t mind me. Just trying to do some deep breathing over here.


UPDATE: It was granulated tissue again, and she did end up cauterizing it with silver nitrate. Good news is that I didn’t feel a thing. Whew. Bad news, just like we discussed at my last doctor’s appointment, it is probably going to keep coming back until I quit breastfeeding. She said it isn’t dangerous — more of a nuisance than anything — so nothing to worry about as long is it doesn’t bother me (which it doesn’t 99.9% of the time). So, there’s that.


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