Thoughts on Food

First off, a disclaimer, I am nearing the end of Robyn O’Brien’s The Unhealthy Truth, and combined with all my other blog/interwebs/book reading as of late, my brain is way past capacity when it comes to all things food. There. You’ve been warned.


Okay, so in a perfect world, I’d be able grow pretty much all of our food, make things like homemade bread, noodles, etc. myself, and get things like pastured meats & eggs, raw milk, etc. locally. We’d never use plastic. Our house would be filled with natural fibers, simplicity, & light.

Reality is that we do the best we can. Sometimes.

I find myself slipping back into the comfort of processed foods way too often. It’s so easy. It’s the social norm. It’s an addiction.


Convenience foods are drugs. Chemical masterpieces built to make us want more.

Reality is that I am tired. Plain old worn out. I told the mister last night, “I don’t want any more crap in my life.” That is the honest truth.

It disturbs me to no end thinking about all of the crap we encounter on a daily basis. By crap, I mean all the crappy food that is out there, and that people (me included) accept as the norm.

I’ve been known to tell people, “Oh, one bite won’t kill you” or “It’s just one piece” – the list could go on for a while. We all say those things to each other like it isn’t a big deal. Sabotaging each other. Making each other feel bad. Peer pressure is a bitch.

“One bite” equals “one hit”. We’re acting like freaking drug pushers, and

I am going to stop.

No more drug pushing.

I’m also refusing to be on the receiving end of the pushing.

We’ve been working toward eating REAL food (with more than a few lapses in judgment), but starting today, there will not be anymore lapses.

I cannot continue to put crap in my body and pretend like it is okay. It isn’t. Our bodies can only take so much, and I don’t want to test that limit.

I think we do a fairly decent job, but I’m ready to kick it up a notch. No apologies…and as Mark Cuban likes to say, “No balls, no baby.” Boom. 😉


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Food

  1. I’ve heard about this book!! Though I admit, I’m afraid to read it because I’m scared of what it will reveal about my crappy diet. lol. But thanks for this post! And thank you for stopping by my blog earlier! So nice to meet you!

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