Random Thoughts for a Cold Tuesday


– Please ignore the fact that my neck is missing in that picture. My neck & I have a hate-hate relationship most days for reasons such as it tends to disappear in photographs.

– Day 1 of the Metreat is going fabulously. I finished a photography tutorial that I have needed to work on for a while now (by “a while” I mean “over a year”), did a little bible studying, made tortilla soul for lunch (yum), and am currently lazing around on the bed with my sweet baby boy. Days 2-6 will be decidedly less homebound as the weather should be warmer. Thank God because I was not built for cold weather.

– The bible study I did is here. Perfection — in that it couldn’t have come at a better time.

– I wish Oprah was still on tv. Her show used to be my favorite part of days off.

– Baby yawns are the best. You can still call a toddling 10 month old a baby, right? I mean, he thinks he’s 5, but he still has wispy baby curls covering the back of his head. Be still my heart. Red wispy baby curls.


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