Dog Paddling


Sometimes it is easier to dog paddle at the surface instead of dive down into the deep cool blue. I find myself doing that a lot these days.

It’s like I can’t quite get my head wrapped around the thoughts I have forming. I find myself sticking to obligatory questions instead of asking real questions. I feel like I’m running most of the time.

I’ve seen the quote “The days are long, but the years are short” more than a couple of times over the last few days. Perhaps my favorite is here. And each time, I find myself nodding.

So easy to get caught up at the surface — in the days — dog paddling. More and more though I find myself yearning to stop paddling and let myself sink down into the blue. The years are short, and I don’t want to miss them.

Next week, I’m taking a few days off of work. I’m going to use that time as a metreat (yeah, you read that right — it’s like a retreat). I’m going to ask myself the deep questions and work on some things I’ve had on the back burner. I’m going to take time to watch Little Man play. I’m going to snuggle with the pups. I’m going to breath.

It’s time for me to dive into the deep blue.


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