A Walk on the Wild, Crunchy Side

So, I consider myself crunchy……ish.

I do some things that are pretty damn crunchy, but then do a whole lot of things that are decidedly soggy (that would be the opposite of crunchy, right?).

Well, this weekend I decided take a nose dive into some all-out crunchiness. I made my own deodorant.


Today is the first day I’m using it. 

Yep, you read that right — on a Monday. Dangerous, right?

I may stink by noon.  I’ll let you know if I do.

I found the recipe (along with some very reassuring ‘reviews’ about the results) here and here.

705 mama

Update #1: Okay, so I am almost half way through Day 2, and I am missing my regular old deodorant. I know it’s a mental thing. I don’t think I stink, but I miss being able to tell that I smell like something (other than sweat). Again, a mental block for sure, but I broke down and put on my normal deodorant — Dove Powder Scent. 

I’ll start again tomorrow with the homemade stuff. I just needed one last hit of the conventional.


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