I haven’t been very wordy the past few days because my brain has been frozen (not just because of the stinking cold weather, either).

Does your brain do that? Ever get stuck in a rut?

Sometimes I keep making the same bad choices/decisions over and over again even though I know they are bad.

Tuesday on the way home from work, I decided no more.

I mean really…What am I doing?!?

I’m changing. Period. The end.

I have got to stop sitting back and waiting for things to change. No more excuses for bad eating decisions. No more excuses for not working on projects/ideas that I have. No more excuses for not exercising.


I want my son to grow up knowing that his parents didn’t just accept the status quo. That we worked hard for the things that meant something to us. That we didn’t look back on our lives with regret. That we stepped outside each and every day with the intention to be our best without fearing failure because failure was another opportunity to learn.

I think that applies when you feel like you are in rut, too. I don’t really feel like I’m in a rut, but I do think that I’ve been letting myself get in the way of myself (if that makes any sense…).When people are lamenting about having to many choices and not being able to make a decision, the mister always says, “Do something.” It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something.

Anyway, all that to say — it’s time. I know what I’m doing.

All the best,
705 mama


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