Do you ever have those moments when you realize something about yourself…something that maybe you didn’t want to admit?

Maximizer is one of my top 5 strengths.* It is a great strength to have…except for when it isn’t.

I have found countless reasons not to pursue the kind of creative life I want to have because I feel like I need to maximize every. single. situation.

It is more than perfection. I actually don’t give a rat’s backside about perfection. I find true beauty and joy in imperfection.

The only way I can describe the dark side of being a maximizer is this…

If I don’t feel like I can squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of whatever I am working on — which means giving it my absolute undivided attention — then I am paralyzed. I won’t start whatever it is I’m trying to start.

The ideas start piling up in the back of my mind for when I think I’ll have more time. More time never gets here.

I’m done with that.

I’m stepping out on a limb and bringing some of my favorite ideas to life. I am opening myself to possibilities.

Sure, I’ll still try to maximize everything I do, but I’m not going to let that stop me from doing anything.

Much love,
705 mama

* More on strengths here:


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